Does a claim for compensation include lost luggage?

One of the most common problems that airline passengers encounter is lost luggage. To be able to demand compensation, it has to be from the airline that you used when traveling and the incident happened. Lost luggage compensation is applicable whether the bags disappeared, got damaged, or delayed. If the problem had occurred at any time, be it you are in the departure area, after it is checked-in, at the arrival airport or in-flight. 


It is upsetting to lose your luggage while traveling. In other areas such as your destination, it might not be possible to make a claim unless you are staying at a hotel. The liability falls under the company that is supposed to take care of your possession. A flight compensation does not cover lost luggage, as it compensates people who have delayed or canceled flights. Filing a claim on also compensates those who experience overbooking or losing their seat

Get a travel insurance

If you have travel insurance, it might cover lost luggage. However, the primary liability for lost luggage remains with the airline. If you had checked-in the bags and it is placed by mistake in another air carrier, and you arrive at your destination airport to discover that it was misplaced, you have the right to claim. 

Airlines are responsible for the luggage

The airline is responsible for the luggage you have entrusted to them. If the bags are damaged, you have the right to be compensated. If the bags are lost, all your possessions have to be returned in the equivalent monetary value. It is a good idea to take pictures of the bags, the contents, and even that of your carry-on bag plus the contents before check-in. This can be done when the luggage is being inspected. If something happens to your items, you will have a much easier time to claim. 

Claim for lost luggage

Lost luggage claim is not like an insurance claim. You do not pay a premium to be able to file a request for compensation when this incident happens. It is a common woe of passengers worldwide. The incident of stolen luggage is prevalent in the airport of a few countries. You are not to blame for mishandled bags and when your bags get lost, as it is entrusted to the airline company.

The price of your ticket includes the assurance that your bags won’t get lost, delayed or damaged. However, these things happen, and you must know where to make the report so you can get paid. It is also a waste of time to try to make a flight compensation claim for lost luggage, as the EU regulation does not cover this type of claim Another way to make a claim for lost luggage is with your travel insurance.

Your courses of action

You do have a legal right to make a claim if an airline has lost your luggage. There are two courses of action you can take. If you have travel insurance then you could make a claim with your provider.

You can make a claim with the airline directly however you cannot carry out both, as this is classed a profiting from an insurance claim and your insurance company will highly likely reject your insurance claim.