Data about aviation delays and cancellation should be studied by airlines to address the concerns

It is not just the weather conditions that cause flights to be delayed or even canceled. There are various reasons why you can be stuck for hours in an airport, waiting for your flight that might account for what feels like an eternity. What is worse is that travelers are stuck waiting, not knowing why their flight got canceled or delayed, as many airlines do not provide detailed information nor address the concern of the passengers’ right to know why. A curt, short answer might be the response of the airline personnel, who might also not know the details for the flight problem. When that happens, the passenger feels shut out, and their right to know is made to be limited.

Lack of information

In a recent survey conducted by an aviation company that does data analytics, the results show that around 36 percent of travelers all over the world do not have enough information regarding the status of their flights. Companies like this study the results so that airlines and other related industries can find solutions to reduce the adverse effects to the passengers due to the disruption of their scheduled voyage. The study results further showed that 57 percent of the respondents only discovered that their flight delay or even canceled upon their arrival at the airport. It revealed that nearly 30 percent stated that it would be preferable to be informed via text about their flight schedule. In comparison, over 60 percent noted that a mobile app would be necessary for the company to be able to tell them about such concerns.

Airline tickets cost a lot

The airlines do have to take care of their passengers’ concerns. To inform them about the delay might help, but there is also that matter of being in the departure area ahead of time for the flight so that you can check-in. Even if the flight will be delayed, a passenger has no choice but to be there to check in on time. An announcement over the speaker system and the change in the flight time on the board is the way that passengers typically get their information about their scheduled trip.

Flights do get delayed and canceled

There are times that the plane might be overbooked, and passengers get bumped off their ride. There are several causes for the time period before boarding to take longer and sometimes waiting in flight for an extended period of time before the plane takes off. It is, at times, for the safety of the passengers, yet there is a way for those who buy those costly airline tickets to protect themselves as they have the right to be compensated for certain delays and cancellations.

Passengers’ rights under EU regulations

This option for flight compensation is not available in all airports in the world. It is a regulation of the EU community. It is the EU regulation 261/2004 that protects the consumers’ rights by enabling them to claim for compensation to get money because of flight delays, cancellations, being denied boarding, or overbooking. This regulation also enables passengers that have compromised flights to request for withdrawal from that flight or to be given another seat in for another flight.