How Old Do You Have to Be to Gamble?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Gamble

In America alone, gambling has become a $40 billion a year industry. Tesla, known by some as the greatest mind after Albert Einstein, was a gambling addict in his youth. The 21st century is the century of rules and regulations. has compiled a list of popular countries and the age from when you are allowed to gamble. Without further ado, let us begin:

Why is gambling locked behind age?

Gambling is a very risky sport and can make people lose all their fortunes, if not their lives. Just like alcohol, gambling should only be partaken in when you are mature enough to understand that your choices have consequences. Gambling addiction is also a thing. If caught, will be punished by the rules of the government. 

Why is gambling locked behind age

Gambling is a unique art, and there are different limitations to gambling in different countries. Some countries, like Japan, don’t even allow gambling for money. In such countries, the age of gambling is not set or pretty low. Other than these facts, here are a list of the popular countries and the age from which people are allowed to gamble:

  • USA – 18
  • South America – 18
  • Canada – 19
  • Europe – 18
  • Australia – 18
  • Asia – 21
  • Africa – 18

United States of America:

gambling age us

The USA is famous for its city of Las Vegas, the biggest center of gambling all across the country. The legal age of gambling across most states of the US is 18, except for Arizona, Iowa and Louisiana. All three of these states have a minimum gambling age limit of 21. Nebraska is the only state where you need to be 19 to bet. 

South America:

gambling age south america

South America has about 15 countries that have rules when it comes to gambling. The legal age all across this continent is 18, and there are no other rules that restrict people when it comes to age to gamble. 


Canada has a hard-and-fast rule of being at least 19 to be able to bet. Unless you are living in Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta – where you can bet when you reach the ripe age of 18 – you are only allowed to bet as soon as you hit 19. 


gambling age europe

The European Union has made it tougher for gamblers to openly gamble on dangerous things. The legal age of gambling across 43 countries in Europe is 18, with the only exception being Greece. You need to be at least 23 to be legally able to gamble in the country of Greece. 


gambling age australia

There isn’t much known about the gambling world of Australia, mainly because the government does not like this industry too much. Nonetheless, as long as you are over 18, you should be able to gamble legally. 


gambling age asia

Asia is perhaps the hardest continent to gamble in. This is because the average age of gambling in this continent is about 21, except for Georgia, Cocos Islands and Northern Cyprus that allow gambling at the age of 18. Only South Korea says you need to be at least 19 to gamble. 


gambling age africa

As long as you are above the age of 18, you are allowed to gamble in most countries of Africa. Namibia says you need to be 21, while Nigeria has a hard barrier of the age of 20. Interestingly enough, Malawi allows anyone over the age of 5 to bet. 

Final Thoughts: hopes that this article was able to help you figure out the legal gambling age worldwide. Visit our website to find a variety of different gambling platforms for your various needs.